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It is difficult to define who we are in a formal, professional and serious way. But isn't that all? Yes we are. We're also warm, passionate, and enthusiastic about everything we do that it doesn't even sound so serious. We are a family business, but extremely professional. We are generous, but extremely ethical and firm when necessary. We are a family and we are a team. The @pwrdbycoffee team. We have created a world of opportunity and love for us and for you.

Why a brand with a name related to coffee?

A lot of people ask us, and to answer this question, it's worth telling you a bit about our history. Coffee has been in our family for over 100 years. It's in our history and in our blood and our tradition and our livelihood has come from coffee. We grew up surrounded by coffee trees. We grow, harvest, store, roast and finally we get the end product: the famous “cafezinho” in the cup. Now we have brought together the best of both worlds. Our world was designed with the union of our love for coffee and our passion for sport. We are here to bring more strength and energy to your training with beautiful and harmonious clothes. All because we are sports fans, admirers of life and proud of athletes. And so was born Powered By Coffee.

Our mission is to bring coffee as fuel for the WOD and clothing specially designed for high performance athletes. Design and use fabrics that allow your body to move, giving you more comfort, stability and freedom. The freedom to do any movement with great beauty and style, while increasing your WOD performance and giving you the extra push to win each challenge with pride and charm.

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