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Photo Credit: @roaming_eva / Eva Mostaert

We are a family business, extremely professional, made up of warm, passionate and enthusiastic people. Generous and benevolent, however, we remain extremely attentive, even firm, when we talk about ethics. We are a family and we are a team: the @pwrdbycoffee team.

Why a brand with a name related to coffee?

A lot of people ask us, and to answer this question, it helps to tell you a bit about our history. Coffee has been part of our family for over 100 years: it is in our history, our traditions, we have grown and prospered with it. We grow, harvest, store and roast our coffee, all with the aim of obtaining the best end product, the famous “cafézinho”. At the same time, we have long been driven by a strong taste for sports and the search for well-being, and have remained great admirers of many athletes. The idea thus arose of conceiving a world resulting from the union of our love for coffee and our passion for sport: it was then that Powered By Coffee was born.


Today, we want to bring you extra energy for your training thanks to our coffee, while accompanying you with quality clothing, specially designed for high-level athletes. We strive to design and use fabrics that allow your body to move better, providing you with greater comfort, stability and freedom. We hope to help you improve your performance during WODs by giving you the strength to face each challenge with pride and daring.

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